October 2, 2023

Sheriff’s Report

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office reports the following activity:




Jeremy M. Fink, Mt. Sterling: Struck a deer on County Road #3.  No injuries were reported and damage to the vehicles was over $1500.00.



Cody A. Whitaker, Versailles: Struck a deer on CR 985N. No injuries were reported and damage to the vehicles was over $1500.00.




Jacob W. Shoopman, Mt. Sterling: Driving with headlight out.



James P. Parker, Mt. Sterling: Speeding 69/55 MPH Zone.

Geri L. Ringenberg, Rushville: Speeding 70/55 MPH Zone.

Jasmine M. Sullivan-Hudson, Springfield: Speeding 69/55 MPH Zone.

Nicholas C. Boeker, Springfield: Speeding 73/55 MPH Zone.

Deanna D. McDonald, Beardstown: Failure to wear seat belt.

Collin G. Hazelrigg, Versailles: Speeding 70/55 MPH Zone.

Colten JG Hulett, Barry: Speeding 70/55 MPH Zone.

Jessie S. Roberts, Abingdon: Speeding 69/55 MPH Zone.

Cody A. Smith, Quincy: Speeding 70/55 MPH Zone.



Joshua L. Lynn, Ripley: Disorderly Conduct/Breach of Peace. Barking dog.

Karla D. Martin, Baylis: Speeding 69/55 MPH Zone.

Connor J. Beardsley, Hull: Speeding 67/55 MPH Zone.

Harold S. Comiskey, Versailles; Failure to wear seat belt.

Peggy A. Duesterhaus, Quincy: Speeding 59/45 MPH Zone.

Bryan A. Rincon, Temple FL: Expired Registration.

Emmanuel A. Ramirez, La Belle MO: Speeding 63/55 MPH Zone.

Tyler R. Sanderson, Pittsfield: Operating uninsured vehicle.

Brandon R. Knott, Beardstown: Speeding 66/45 MPH Zone.



Trevor D. Keil, Brighton: Speeding 72/55 MPH Zone.

William R. Surrat JR., Pittsfield: Speeding 76/55 MPH Zone, Operating uninsured vehicle.

Ronnie L. Webb, Augusta: Failure to wear seat belt.

Silvester N. Erude, Macomb: Speeding 60/45 MPH Zone.

Seth A. Beavers, Mt. Sterling: Speeding 70/55 MPH Zone.



Cynthia J. VanCleave, Peru: Speeding 69/55 MPH Zone.

Sylvan J. Beverlin, Petersburg: Speeding 69/55 MPH Zone.

Carter L. Willdrick, Colchester: Speeding 64/45 MPH Zone.

William J. Heitman, Mapleton: Speeding 79/55 MPH Zone.

Emily M. Walls, Peoria; Speeding 78/45 MPH Zone.

Amy J. Anderson, Rushville: Speeding 74/55 MPH Zone.

Fernendez M. Barrios, Beardstown: Speeding 64/45 MPH Zone.

Clay Lewis, Rushville: Speeding 74/55 MPH Zone.


Brown County Sheriff’s Department Office can be contacted by e-mail [email protected]

The new Sheriff’s website is located at www.browncoil.org, and all press releases will be posted there as well.

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