Brown County Supervisor of Assessment Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Board of Review

If you wish to formally contest your assessment, you can file a complaint with the Brown County Board of Review within 30 days of your assessment notice being published in the Brown County Democrat Message.

There are generally three bases for appealing an assessment:

  • Discrepancy in Physical Data (“The property records show I have a 2,400-square-foot house, but my survey shows I have only 2,200 square feet.”)
  • Valuation (“The equalized assessed value is greater than 1/3 of my property’s fair cash value”).
  • Equity (“My equalized assessed value is greater than comparable properties in my neighborhood.”)

Please note that the state Property Tax Appeal Board has consistently ruled that the amount of taxes paid or percentage of change in value from one year to the next is not a valid basis for an appeal.

Contact Information

Suzette Rice

Supervisor of Assessments

Tammy Hanssen

Chief Deputy Assessor

Joycelyn Welty

Deputy Assessor

Township Assessors

Mark Mountain - Ripley, Missouri, Pea Ridge, Cooperstown, Mt. Sterling, & Lee

Ken Marvel - Versailles, Elkhorn, & Buckhorn