Primary Duties of County Clerk & Recorder

The county clerk is the keeper of all county records. Duties of the county clerk’s office range from administering elections to conducting a great deal of the state’s taxation duties. The complexity of the recording process, along with the volume of work and the many different types of instruments required to be filled in the clerk’s office, place much responsibility on the clerk.

Election Judges

Election judges help to guarantee the rights of voters are protected at the polling place on election Day. Election judges are commissioned as officers of the Circuit Court and must take an oath to uphold the constitutions of the United States and the State of Illinois in the performance of their duties. Election judges ensure every American qualified to vote is allowed to vote and every American allowed to vote is qualified to vote only once.

For more information or to become an Election Judge, please call the Brown County Clerk's office.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following points out the qualifications necessary to become an election judge, also some of their important duties and responsibilities.

E-Recording Vendors

Six Major Functions of Clerk's Office

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Jenny Welty

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